Big K.R.I.T. “Live From The Underground” Album Artwork

This is the artwork 4 my debut album “Live From The Underground”.  It’s a representation of how I feel about underground vs mainstream music. At times I feel like mainstream music operates on a totally different planet. This illustrates how I’ve crash landed into the mainstream to bring the sounds from the underground back 2 the forefront. I want to thank everyone for all their support of my journey so far. Especially Team Big K.R.I.T. and my K4L supporters. I put twitter and facebook backgrounds in here for y’all to put on your pages.  Let’s make history on June 5th… – K.R.I.T.



Twitter Background



Facebook Background

  • filtersweep

    Love it.  Can’t wait for it to drop.

  • Dorian

    Dope shit man

  • Hira Mane

    I LOVE THIS MANE!!! #LiveFromThe Underground!

  • Big Krit Keepin It TRILL ! supports Big Krit

  • Tori

    Love the artwork and the meaning behind it. Good luck : )

  • #K4L: TeamBigKRIT


  • Hira Mane

    Def got my Twitter BG and FB up right now bruh! #K4L #LFTU!!!!!!!

  • EA

    KRIT! Killin it!

  • Markevis Greene

    Love the album cover KRIT! It actually feels like i’m going to listen to an underground album rather than a mainstream album! Best Album of the Year!!! #TeamKrizzle

  • Kipon

    Love this! Who is the illustrator??

  • Eric Reese

    krit is the best

  • Eric Reese

    june 5th will be the only day i buy a real album this year

  • BigJoon

    Hey Krit is that a 1970 Eldorado Cadillac??  I know those angles!

  • ✨✨KiLLA.CAiN✨✨

    cant wait, anything KRIT touches is a must listen .. makes great rap songs

  • Maurese Thompson

    Man, my soul is patient but i’m anticipating this album so much. I’m just so humbled and and grateful for you brotha, we’ve been missing this for a long time. This is what Hip-Hop is all about, it never died it resides Live From The Underground!

  • Yung Chizzle

    6/5/12=Big KRIT Day!

  • Schoolboy090

    man im happy as fucc right now, big k.r.i.t dropping an album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dj FacE aka Matt Clark

    R4 i been wating on this cd for years cant wait to here that quailty music.

  • Jermango Long

    K.R.I.T. You been putting out albums so June 5th is another milestone that will be in your rearview soon. We still paying and loving the music we just hope more will contribute to the effort monetarily and keep this sound, this soul, and this Mississippi Shit moving forward. 



  • Mike Hochdanner

    KRIT, you’ve been killin it for years, now the whole world is gonna know. 

  • LaithAltawil

    Hell yeah I got me nother slaming album to bump just few days b4 my birthday! Im curious when an if Krit gonna coming up north to like ohio foe show or somethin.

  • Anthony Anaya22

    yes im going to have to agree with the comment below

  • DewayneWayne318

    realest nigga since pimp c no lie

  • victor p

    krizzle points allday