Big K.R.I.T. – Me and My Old School (Remix) (feat. Lil KeKe & Slim Thug) [Directed by Michael Artis]

New video from Big K.R.I.T. “Me and My Old School (Remix)” featuring Houston rap legends Lil Keke & Slim Thug, a Cricket Muve Music exclusive track.

Directed by Michael Artis

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  • Mounirabbadi_23

    To YOU BIG K>R>I>T a message to let you know your words hold meaning: Wrongs protected by insecurity, straight path
    niggaz signing assurities, tryna preach what isnt practiced, all you can
    do is open your heart take life classes, at everything that passes, the
    wise learn from the past, the dumb let the present catch them in the
    ass, not worried about the future? I pity you niggaz til some1 comes to
    shoot you, even if its me take my lessons to the grave, to show future
    homies just how to be-have, wilin’ out party animals victims at their
    discretion, its always too late before they finally learn their lesson,
    then they sit and question? oh God why d you do me? why ask God when you
    never looked to him to see, everyone quick to blame, no accountability!
    never mind that YOLO all my brothas, til someone looks back says I miss
    that muthafucka, why him? why now he was so young? its just as sad when
    your old the same song sung, while you live blame life for your misery,
    when the knowledge was there it aint no mystery! its as plain as
    writing, writing on the wall, but I cant blame anybody cuz reading hasnt
    reached us all, blindfolded and deaf to the last breath, cuz you
    paralyzed yourself with your own unrest, cant you see its a test all you
    children of men, man eating man no room for real friends, thats how you
    seperate them from the enemies, our system works so well eat up plenty,
    til your belly is full and your overstuffed and you wonder why you have
    no room for brunch, cuz you just break fast, living too fast no time to
    stop and think is my shit really gon last, its verbalarity I could go
    on forever, your insecurities keep you warm like a sweater, but when it
    gets too hot what do you say then, oh im sorry somebody make the heat
    end, its too late then for those who never listened, baiting yourself
    when you thought you were fishing? reality check maybe if you want, then
    again not you might already walk the walk, instead of talk the talk,
    same talk I’m doin but we’re all human so who knew we were screwing?
    ourselves in the damn end and you regret the time you and this earth
    werent such good friends… THE END to be continued…

  • Bigmanp193

    Hey where can i download this song or buy it?  Is it gonna be available on I-Tunes or somewhere else?   This is a badass song, i want to be able to jam it on my I-pod or in my ride !!!!!!!

  • ride slow ride old ride slow!



  • Jarrett Sanders

    you doing yo thang Big bru do the damn thang for the Crooked letter

  • This is my shitt!!