#LoveFromTheUnderground: Big K.R.I.T. Fan Tattoos

love-bannerIf you’re a real Big K.R.I.T. fan, it’s no doubt that he has touched your soul in some way. We all find our own ways to express our appreciation for Krizzle, some of us simply say ‘Thank You Kindly,’ while others decide to give him a more permanent appreciation. Either way, one thing is for certain… The LOVE is REAL and K.R.I.T. has 4eva tattooed his music on our hearts. Here are some tattoos from some of Big K.R.I.T.’s biggest fans.

421365_333758210000245_110848859_nMy name is Jimmy Bogan, 24 years old, tattoo artist/shop owner of PRISTINE INK TATTOO, located in Jackson, MS. I’ve been tattooing now for about 5 years and me and all my close friends are huge fans of BIG K.R.I.T.. How the tattoo idea came about, well we were at the shop listening to “K.R.I.T. Wuz Here” and was just thinking how could we show that we support BIG K.R.I.T.’s movement , and the idea just dawned on us that we should do a portrait of him and tweet it. All we wanted to do was basically the same thing that he’s doing, we have talent and we want the world to see it…stop looking over MISSISSIPPI.







@TheChonkyFire: I am a BIG K.R.I.T. fan because I made it my BUSINESS to find every song he ever had anything to do with and listen to it once I knew about him. Also because I do not bite my tongue when describing the music or the reasons that people should listen.  I listen to what he is saying. I pay attention to the message he is trying to convey. I consider myself a student. In my opinion that is most of what hip hop is – expanding your mind, learning about each other and being EXPOSED to differences; while finding the common ground. I am a fan because I have so much respect for everything he stands for and his movement. I decided that after I heard the truth this man was speaking on, it was my DUTY to represent for him in as many ways as I can. He literally pulled me back to hip hop and to what I loved about it. For that I will always support him and have positive things to say to others about BIG K.R.I.T.. (2012)



@TatooMoe: I plan on putting lyrics under it or around it,  when I find the right ones. Somehow for now I’m thinking of “Free My Soul” Check Out Big K.R.I.T. speaking on the tattoo for his #FAB5 segment. (2011)

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@DokeDollaz: What makes me a fan of K.R.I.T. is my dedication to his movement, I don’t keep his music to myself I share it with anyone who is willing to listen. I’ve been to 3 concerts so far and there will be many more to come. I believe love is a action word and the best way to show K.R.I.T. I’m down for the cause is to support him in whatever he does live concerts, merchandise, & adding to his rapidly growing fan base. I appreciate all that K.R.I.T. has done and I’m ready for more. I want him to know that he has a true fan in me. I love him and respect what he is doing. I’m a fan because I don’t doubt what he can do, the sky is the limit for K.R.I.T.. I feel honored to call myself a fan and I honestly don’t know how anyone could hear his music and not become one. (2012)



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