Music Video: Big K.R.I.T. – Bigger Picture (Directed by Marc Ecko)

Here is the new music video for “Bigger Picture” of Big K.R.I.T.’s latest album “King Remembered In Time” which is available for download here.

  • Jason Vermette

    Awesome Video
    Thanks !

  • Danii Beezy

    ” I pray you see the bigger picture ”

  • Chautel

    You’ve earned Grammys with the music you make, we’re just waiting for them to be presented to you.

  • Terrence Nelson


    • killacam

      Straight fire

  • physiks_VA

    this artsy fartsy b.s.

  • physiks_VA

    the ecko brand has gon to shit by the way.

    • Terrence Nelson

      yeah ever since it put out that G Unit shyt tiiiiiimber…..Complex is the only thing saving that brand

  • palmtree83

    very dope record&visuals. word



  • Bird

    Damn good video bro

  • PSN – Nukdollars


  • One of the realest, stay like this and you’ll be forever great. One brick at a time my friend!

  • shad

    Great video, one of my favorite songs off the tape

  • PS

    It’s an homage to this 1977 educational film:

  • M2daE_Kris

    Nice..Love the Concept

  • Christian Keene

    Game got kicks, jeez…. luminati or not

  • Swishaz & Dosha

    Quite Creative

  • Redd

    Always keeping 100. Love the muzik

  • Mrs Patton

    K.R.I.T is one of the realest.. these new artists have no clue how to make good music

  • Some Body

    So dope.

  • Stephen Lee

    Yeah..that was a great video.

  • Rich

    is that the girl from jumpofftv ?

  • Ashley Red Felton

    thats was original and fantastic

  • Ashley Red Felton

    It was almost intoxicating

  • Serena

    Love this song… Video is Dope.. :-)!

  • Jay Anderson

    Love it

  • thegatorviking

    K.R.I.T. please check me bro, youtube thegatorviking I got you on kicks and anything else you need.

  • Justin K. Vidal

    Made sweet love to this song – both alone, and with others 😉

  • chris

    love this ish right here. seen it on mtvjams and had to go look it up. im still bumping the old mixtapes…guess i better catch up!!!

  • carese burleigh

    keep making real music krit u help us get through the days and them dark ass nights