New Music: Big K.R.I.T. “Temptation” (Remix) (feat. Juicy J & Waka Flocka Flame)

“Here is the remix to “Temptation”… it’s a bonus cut to give the people a lil something until the album release… shout 2 the OG Juicy J and the homie Waka for bringing some new energy to the record. Live From The Underground June 5th pimpin…” – K.R.I.T.

  •  YEAH HOE!!!

  • Zahmoonduh

    kanyebreast would be the first to comment lolol shit fye doe…as expected

  • Kimbre229

    I already loved the original! The remix is off the chain…makes me wanna hhit the floor lol

  • @BIG KRIT #FIRE# keep doin ya thang yung pimp

  • NikkiNotNiki

    -grabs ankles-

  • Why Waka though?!?!

  • Jessi

    AYYEE! I love KRIT! Juicy J puttin on for my hometown. Memphis stand up!

  • moe

    i need 2 chainz in this

  • C2freiai

    Def woulda been better with out waka. Hes garbage, shoulda put 2 chainz on here instead. I fuck with juicy tho, he’s a legend. Three 6, YEAH HOE.

    • Baddazz

      2 chainz don’t even rap bout nothing wtf have u listened to wat he say “ANYTHING”

  • HollywoodRonCorleone

    This is hot!! Waka couldnt even come whack on this

  • HollywoodRonCorleone

    And he still managed to come off as whack as he normally does……

  • Stankylegs

    Flocka’s verse is whack. I can’t wait until K.R.I.T starts doing music exclusively with top-flight MCs.

  • Amrit

    Why can’t Waka just go away….

  • Yapatnajb

    This don’t need 2chainz it needed MJG on it..

  • Huey1117

    Waka is a noodle. He is definitely back ground like an extra in the video type dude. Ignorance is bliss.

  • hopefully the strippers dnt start fightin at the end of this #JAM

  • flyhigh100

    YO he jumped on the track snappin KRIZZLE!!!

  • Patric_Berry

    Yeah i feel u on Waka ion know why he was on this remix, he aint mature enough for what Krit on


  • Jamesonritchbitch

    ya , gotta agree, waka is no bueno KRIT, get dj paul to stop makin bbq sauce and get back to rappin, then throw him on this joint wit juicy, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit son, ya gotta banger

  • Goodieboy7

    Its because Waka is good with strip club songs think about it most of his hits are ass shaking songs 

  •  Big K.R.I.T. – Temptation Remix Feat. Juicy J.Without Wack Ass Flaka mp3

  •  for those of you who dont wanna hear waka flaka on the @BIGKRIT #Temptation remix ft.@TheRealJuicyJ here you go

  • flocka not to good but krit you a boss

  • more like “wacka” flocka 

  •  Big K.R.I.T. – Temptation Remix Feat. Juicy J.Without Wack Ass Flaka mp3

    • Baddazz

      Bitch u wack.waka doin more than you video playing ass doin

  • temptation waka flaka free version

  • Kyle

    DJ Paul or MJG would have been better than waka flocka

    • Baddazz

      Stop fuckin hatin on flocka he got more doe den u nd he do his thing he the iish so. . . . PINEAPPLES

  • Kushed up

    Krit dat nigga stay goin hard

  • this my shit favorite track off 4eva n a day

  • Real Dude man

  • Bamaman

    Coming from Alabama….Its makes me proud to see Krit do his thing ….Mad love ….No Homo lol represent

  • bamaman

    Yall think this sick ….check out his prior CD….it was even better….to bad it wasnt mainstream….It went hard

  • Lostcounty1 Country ish. Cant wait for that “Live from the Underground”!!!!! Country Rap Tunes!!!! Hey Hoe

  • Sarge

    Dude your music makes me feel good it jams, thank you…

  • ah yo KRIT ou should design sum #TEAMBIGKRIT #KFL #LFU SHIRTS MAN i would sho nuff purchase…HELL I WOULD EVEN DESIGN IEM FOR YA LOL

  • Baddazz

    Love it I want to jump in my kar & ride bump the hit with my 2 12’$ 🙂 the right people on it aswell. Waka, juicy , nd u big krit it doesn’t get no better. And to oh gurl hell u mean y waka u lost ur mind waka that nigga if u seen him u would probably dome him up stop the front BRICK SQUAD BITCHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baddazz

    All yall who tryna carry waka suck a aids dick fuck outta here haten ass bitches but yall listen to him doe all yall wack the whole song was sweet everybody part was good if u dnt like it die slow the ppl yall name kant rap 2chains lmao kill the dj